For Investors, Blackstar aims to generate low risk returns that are not impacted by conditions typical of traditional investment markets. As underlying transactions are pre-agreed, investors are predominantly exposed to the performance of the goods payment contract (or its associated collateral package) and not price fluctuations of the underlying goods. Additionally, to ensure consistent returns, we aim to originate loans that involve transaction cycles that are short-term, repeatable and scalable, within long term revolving facilities.

Investment Objective

Blackstar aims to achieve consistent capital appreciation for investors through a diversified portfolio of secured, short-term trade finance loans. Returns generated by financing fees may also be enhanced by fees from advisory, structuring and maintenance services. An investor should expect to benefit from:

  • Market neutral, non-correlated high single digit returns (net of fees);
  • Low volatility and consistent out-performance of debt market benchmarks;
  • Enhanced capital preservation through structured collateral requirements;
  • Portfolio diversification to limit default exposure; and
  • Favourable investor liquidity based on the short-term nature of the underlying trade finance facilities.

Investment Strategy

Blackstar's strategy is that of a secured, short-term corporate lender in the global trade and debtor finance sector. Blackstar typically issues structured Blackstar Lending Solutions to facilitate the trade of goods in the global market. We look to finance pre-determined, secured and irrevocable payment streams and cash flow events.

Whilst Blackstar will seek opportunities across all sectors, our expertise, experience and relationships enables a strong focus towards origination of opportunities in the global commodity and manufacturing trade finance (asset backed loans) and trade receivables (invoice financing and factoring) space.

Investment Solutions

Blackstar offers investors access to its trade and debtor finance Investment Strategy via the following platform:

Our Tailored Investments Platform offers investors bespoke investment vehicles and portfolios. This is achieved through managed accounts and both direct or syndicated loans originated and structured by the Blackstar Team.