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Blackstar is at
the forefront of embedded finance

By marrying technology with financial structuring expertise, Blackstar has created an evolutionary funding approach to provide receivables finance to the suppliers of major corporate buyers, on an industrial scale

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What are we solving?

Access to
cash is slow


Payment terms to SME businesses have lengthened over recent economic cycles creating working capital constraints for small and medium businesses.

Accessibility to finance
has diminished 


The traditional funding dynamic between banks and SME businesses has broken down since the financial crisis of 2008-2010, creating a funding gap for these businesses, which needs to be filled.

There is a tech led evolution in working capital funding.


The utilisation of technology and tech platforms to harness big data is creating new opportunities for SME’s to obtain working capital funding, filling the funding gap that they experience. Blackstar is at the forefront of this shift.

What are we Solving
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Blackstar’s Solution:
Embedded Finance

We partner with platforms that access and harness the invoicing and payment behaviour of large corporates and their supply chain. This enables Blackstar to make data driven funding decisions on a risk managed basis. We can then create an automated process to provide, fast and efficient financing to eligible suppliers of large enterprise buyers against their outstanding receivables (invoices).


In essence, Embedded Finance is the offering of financial products alongside and embedded inside – a corporate’s invoice payment system.


Blackstar’s funding structures create a financial bridge that connects:  Platform Partners, Suppliers, Corporate Buyers & Funders


About Blackstar

Blackstar Group is an active participant in the non-bank funding of corporate and SME working capital that has grown exponentially since the financial crisis of 2008-2010. It has evolved into a key partner for many corporates and SMEs looking to optimise their working capital cashflows and supply chain relationships.


Blackstar has a global capability and a unique approach to solving the issues that corporates face in an ever-growing digital world.


The Blackstar team is comprised of an international mix of experience and talent.

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